Virtually Vegas offers extra different entertainment that can add value to your event.

Cigarette GirlsCigarette Girls/Show Girls

Our “Cigarette” Girls will come outfitted in Vegas showgirl costumes to add to the Vegas atmosphere. The tray consists of an assortment of goodies including chocolates and candies. We can also accommodate special requests such as a selection of cigars at an additional cost. Show Girls can also be used to run the Money Booths as a way to get an audience to come and play.


Magician Roaming/ShowMagician Roaming/Show

Do you believe in Magic? I’m not talking about the basic card tricks and hat tricks; but the more complex tricks which are too unbelievable and amazing to describe in words.




HypnotistHypnotist Show

See the audience star in a show that will have them laughing, applauding, and enthusiastically volunteering! The participants are put into a sleeping trance and then are hypnotized. They will be commanded to participate in different humorous situations and will be the whole room to a laugher and be entertained.



Caricature ArtistCaricature Artists

Liven up any event with caricatures! They draw amazing portraits of your guests and creats multiple backgrounds to liven up the picture.





Air Brush TattooAir Brush Tattoo Artists

We have over 250 cool, trendy designs that will appeal to any age. You can choose from lots of categories such as: Sports, Tribal, Armbands, Butterflies, Fairies, Zodiac Signs and much more. Choose from seven different bodypaint colors and end up with a realistic looking tattoo that will last up to five days! It only takes a minute to put the tattoo on and the tattoo dries instantly. No mess, no fuss, just lots of FUN!


Tarot CardsTarot Card Readers

It’s all in the cards! Listen to a professional astrologer, psychic tarot reader, & intuitive counselor who specializes in relationship assessment and spiritual guidance.




These Clowns will enhance any type of party! They create balloon creations and are a multi-talented entertainer with a variety of acts such as juggling, stilt-walking, unicycling, magic, and games!