Photo Booths

Every Casino Night should have a photo booth so that guests can take pictures to remember their special event night! These photo booths are also very popular especially for Dry Grad events, Weddings, and Corporate Christmas parties.


Photo BoothPhoto1Photo Booth

One of our most popular items rented! This photo booth is just like any photo booth in malls, except BETTER! It prints out two copies of 4 sets of pictures. The cool part is that you can have your event name as one of the pictures, so that the photo will remind the guests where they got the pictures from and the date. The pictures are in colour and have a wide variety of backgrounds and types of pictures.







Dance Heads Recording BoothDance Heads Recording Booth

Our newest technology advanced booth! This is no ordinary photo booth. It is a recording booth that records your face and puts it on a dancing body with up-to-date dance music that guests are able to choose. Each recording is recorded on a DVD that is given to the guest after each recording! This is fairly new technology and is very entertaining.



Dr. Face Photo Boothphoto2Dr. Face Photo Booth

Have you ever dreamed of having your face on a hot celebrity’s body. Well here’s your chance! This booth puts your face on crazy bodies and prints you a copy of them!